At Longboard, innovation, sustainability, and quality are in

Combining the beauty of wood and specialty building product finishes, with the durability and longevity of extruded aluminum.

We understand the design and building process is not simply applying a predefined solution. It’s choosing exquisite materials without compromising performance. It’s the ease of installation and how quickly our products arrive on your job site. It’s positively impacting the environment while inspiring the people and communities around us.

Changing the face of architecture is all-encompassing — it’s the ultimate goal we can achieve together.

Our Solutions


  • A wide range of products for interior and exterior applications
  • Full testing documentation, BIM library and live technical support
  • Rapid sample fulfilment


  • Products designed for simple, efficient installation for enhanced profitability
  • Well documented installation guides and installation videos
  • Popular finishes ready to ship within one week
  • Material takeoff lists and shop drawings

Building Owners

  • Products designed to stand the test of time
  • Zero maintenance
  • Energy code complianceand reducing embodied carbon
  • Trusted by homeowners and builders

Exterior System

All our exterior products and systems are powder coated with AAMA 2604/2605 certified powder. This means that you are ensured to have high quality material that will hold up against the exterior elements, including corrosion and UV rays. All Longboard materials are created in-house, starting from the aluminum extrusion, and ending with the finishing touches, packaging and shipp...

Interior Systems

All our interior products and systems are powder coated with AAMA 2604 certified powder. All Longboard materials are created in-house, starting from the aluminum extrusion and ending with the finishing touches, packaging and shipping to site. Everything is VOC free, created with chrome-free processes, and 100% non-combustible. Explore our different innovative systems and contac...

Our Solutions

Delivering innovation, sustainability, and quality, without compromising performance. Every project requires the appropriate product to achieve the desired result. So, we create architectural products that help our clients attain efficiency throughout their entire design and building process.

In addition, we focus on providing radical client care, relentless executional improvement, and revolutionary product development

— every step of the way.

We Own the Production Process

We don’t outsource any of our manufacturing, extrusion, powder coating or finishing.

Our Products are Ready to Ship

We produce most orders within 1 week and have secured raw materials to meet large orders.

Practical & Easy Installation

Aluminum cladding may be pre-finished and is ready to install by a single trade compared to unfinished materials.

Working together to bring life

The goal of this project was to create a modern aesthetic that both stood out from its surroundings, while still fitting in. The inspiration for the exterior was to mimic the many tobacco barns you see on the drive through Loretto, KY to get to Makers Mark Distillery. These barns typically are built with a vertical black siding, but the effects of time create natural patterns of fading color variation, warping, and vertical slotted openings. The modern mimic of this aesthetic helped us create a structure that is clearly new, but naturally fits in with the surrounding campus much of which has been there for the past 50 years.

Morris Workshop Architects, pllc

Working together to bring life

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